Australian Bay Lobster Producers

Past project

Australian Bay Lobster Producers and UNSW partner to implement new technology that boosts the quality of sustainable lobster products in Tweed Valley, Northern NSW.


Australian Bay Lobster Producers Ltd (ABLP) is an innovative SME exploring new opportunities in sustainable land-based aquaculture biotechnology and progressive Australian wild-catch fisheries. Operating north of Byron Bay on repurposed cane land, ABLP is committed to sustainably producing unique lobster products in an industry-leading aqua-farming environment.


For the TechVoucher project, UNSW researchers and ABLP partnered to implement a computer-based system for gathering and analysing real-time data to monitor and control aquaculture environments (SCADA System). ABLP are developing seawater intake and pipline infrastructure  to increase seawater flows to allow expanded production and create an aquaculture precinct around their Northern Rivers facility.

"The whole process with aquaculture is water. If you don't have good water, you don't breed good animals. Lobsters are very fussy animals. Technology is where it can make a difference."

The researchers undertook preliminary desktop research to detail engineering options and technical considerations. Next, they launched a feasibility assessment, including further field investigations to facilitate the deployment of the SCADA system.

"With UNSW, it’s very much about all of us achieving one end goal."


The TechVoucher Project successfully automated ABLP's water quality monitoring. The TechVoucher project has led to the:

  • Launch of new processes leading to improved workflow, increased sustainability and reduced costs
  • Employment of three student interns
  • New investment capital
  • New multiple R&D opportunities.  

"The TechVoucher gives you a leg up. When you're a start-up and funds are pretty scarce, it's a way of opening the door to new thought processes. It keeps multiplying. It keeps evolving and maturing as the plant grows. It's all scalable."

John Bryant, Finance Director, Australian Bay Lobster Producers