Cortex Business Systems

Past project

Robotic drill impresses major construction industry players.


Cortex Business Systems approached UNSW to assist in conceptualising a robotic drill designed to replace the manually intensive and hazardous task of drilling holes on construction sites. Drilling can often take a long time and exposes workers to hazardous conditions. The aim of the project was to execute this 4 times faster than manual drilling and ensure the prototype is completely autonomous.


Over a 4-month period, Cortex Business Systems and UNSW Researcher, Associate Professor Johnson Shen from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering tried and tested a basic drill prototype. The prototype was designed to allow the user to pre-program all the drilling requirements for a particular surface area, the drill would then robotically drill the holes within millimetres of accuracy.

Cortex Business Systems with UNSW Techconnect


Through this industry and research partnership, Cortex Business Systems has been able to demonstrate a working robotic drilling prototype. The business has received recognition from a construction industry prime, as it is a demonstration of what our future Cities need to look like. The business is continuing its partnership with UNSW Researchers to advance the prototype and build the innovative solution into a commercially available product.