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TechConnect Education Support

Dedicated to driving growth amongst the small business community, TechConnect’s education support ranges from one to one consultations with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence to large group workshops, designed to provide guidance during the commercialisation process.

2020 workshops coming soon.

UNSW Podcasts

Listen to leading UNSW academics, as they discuss their research fields through a series of podcasts.

The history of technology is one of men and machines, transformation tales of garages to grand mansions, alpha nerds and ‘brogrammers’. But female tech visionaries have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, yet they’ve been overlooked, until now.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is hard to see – but it’s already being built into the infrastructure of our core institutions, from education, business, healthcare, hiring, to the work of government itself.

How can people contribute to shaping our digital future? As our lives become increasingly digital, what is the road ahead for self-driving vehicles, digital health and how our personal data is used?

We are heading into a world where robots will be an increasingly important part of our lives. This won’t just have an impact on the future of work, but on the future of everything.

Every year, we throw away mountains of mobile phones and other electronic devices. What's the alternative? Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla, an Academy Fellow at UNSW, is pioneering microrecyling ... breaking down waste at a molecular level.

“A quantum computer would be able to solve problems in minutes that would otherwise take thousands of years.” – Michelle Simmons. For many, the field of quantum computing is extraordinarily mind boggling, yet for the 2018 Australian of the Year, Michelle Simmons, it is her life and her passion. She is a quantum computing pioneer, establishing Australia’s first quantum computing company in 2017. This audio was recording live from UNSW Sydney.

UNSW Seminars

Attend our virtual seminars, hosted by leaders within their field.


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