Linke & Linke Surveys

Past project

UNSW Engineering researchers and Linke & Linke Surveys have successfully prototyped and developed a 3D surveying drone upon receiving the TechVoucher grant from the NSW Government.


Linke & Linke Surveys approached UNSW to address challenges arising during the surveying process. Traditional Surveying practices can be time consuming and exposes workers to hazardous construction environments. Partnered with UNSW Researcher Associate Professor Johnson Shen, they set out to prototype and develop an autonomous drone, which could map out 3D images of the land below.


The designed drone uses the same technology as driverless cars. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) uses spinning Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, that delivers fast and accurate 3D maps of targeted areas and features. In other words, it shoots out laser beams that bounce off the surface and send back data capturing the distance and coordinating a 3D position in real-time. Further to this, the more sweeps of an area the drone does, the clearer the image becomes.

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The 3D Laser Surveying Drone has the potential to save lives and cut costs in many industries, as well as assist in disaster-recovery efforts. By collecting data quickly and effectively, teams are able to assess damage and develop rescue strategies. Linke & Linke Surveys continues to work with Associate Professor Johnson Shen. They have hired 15 new staff members and were nominated for Defence Innovation award.